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Arch: signature is unknown trust

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In this post I explain how to fix an error about an error that is caused by a package, which was signed with a missing/untrusted public key.

[AUR] ERROR: One or more PGP signatures could not be verified

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This post explains how to fix the PGP signature verification on AUR packages. If the key of a signed PKGBUILD is not present in your public key ring, you will otherwise see “ERROR: One or more PGP signatures could not be verified”

“Too many redirects” when using WordPress as container

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WordPress in Docker can cause quite some headache. Especially the reverse proxy, which we need to pass through traffic from host to container. I struggled with a “Too Many Redirects” error, which can come from some different sources.

HOW TO: Bluetooth on Arch Linux

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As some may struggle to get their bluetooth connections up and running under Arch Linux (and I have to google this each time I install as well) I decided to write a post on it. Hope you benefit from it!

Fix slow ZSH startup due to NVM

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portion of code to your .zshrc to enable autocompletion. This, in turn, slows the startup of your shell quite a lot.
But we can easily fix this slow zsh startup! Instead of always loading your nvm autocompletion, we can command oh-my-zsh to just load nvm ressources on-demand, also known as lazy-loading.