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most loved frontend library React Is it a library? Is it a framework? A framework of course and i've learnt to love it!
I use React for building website's that have a certain complexity and are required to be interactive, yet fast. Client-side applications convince through their performance, scalability, and maintainability.
But what if the customer does not need React's interactivity? Every tool has its place.
And if a customer needs a simple, fast-loading website that does not require complex client-side interactions, React just isn't the tool.
In this case, a static site generator, which pre-renders the HTML for each page of the website, might be a better choice. Just like this website!
most utilized ops tool Kubernetes Scale how you want to scale. Kubernetes is a powerful and flexible open-source system for managing containerized applications. I've learnt to appreciate scalability and availability, for both projects big and small, and the simplified container deployment and orchestration. And how do you manage continous deployment? For managing source code and application deployment I prefer GitLab.
Testing, building and deploying applications is easy with their integrated CI/CD solutions, just like integrating Sentry as application monitoring tool, or deployment to AWS CloudFront and S3 for React applications.
still beloved text editor Vim Customization beats IDEs in the long run. In university I was introduced to Vi by a professor. He told us it was a mandatory tool of every software developer, as you might end up being forced to use it in some linux server that does not have nano installed. My fascination for this tiny editor began there and I've spent countless hours configuring it for my likings, ending up with an experience custom-tailored to me.
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