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I’m a software engineer by day, fishing for trout or cooking in the evening and a streamer in the night.

On this website I’ll try to take you on a tour through my daily ideas, fixes or stories.

Aron Schüler

My latest posts

  • [AUR] ERROR: One or more PGP signatures could not be verified

    This post explains how to fix the PGP signature verification on AUR packages. If the key of a signed PKGBUILD is not present in your public key ring, you will otherwise see “ERROR: One or more PGP signatures could not be verified”

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  • PyCharm + Docker Compose: Couldn’t refresh skeletons for remote interpreter

    A recent upgrade of docker-compose might cause a nasty error. In this post I explain what to do to restore your debugger and the big why.

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  • “Too many redirects” when using WordPress as container

    WordPress in Docker can cause quite some headache. Especially the reverse proxy, which we need to pass through traffic from host to container. I struggled with a “Too Many Redirects” error, which can come from some different sources.

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  • HOW TO: Bluetooth on Arch Linux

    As some may struggle to get their bluetooth connections up and running under Arch Linux (and I have to google this each time I install as well) I decided to write a post on it. Hope you benefit from it!

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  • Fix slow ZSH startup due to NVM

    portion of code to your .zshrc to enable autocompletion. This, in turn, slows the startup of your shell quite a lot. But we can easily fix this slow zsh startup! Instead of always loading your nvm autocompletion, we can command oh-my-zsh to just load nvm ressources on-demand, also known as lazy-loading.

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  • Securing TrueNAS with a cheap backup to the cloud

    Backups with Time Machine, Nextcloud, iSCSI storage – all is stored on my TrueNAS VM. It’s running in proxmox with raid controller passthrough. As my proxmox machine just crashed due to faulty ram / ECC errors two days ago, I thought that I might be better off with an offsite backup for all these important storage pools. Thats where I discovered TrueNAS’ capability of running Cloud Sync Tasks, which periodically run a TrueNAS backup to cloud providers you choose.

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